State Issues

The Colorado Counseling Association is actively monitoring and engaging advocacy efforts to promote the mental health profession and those we serve.

Members of CCA receive a weekly Public Policy and Legislative (PP&L) Newsletter containing progress reports on current events taking place at the State and Federal level during the legislative session each year and pertinent updates the rest of the year.

Beginning in 2018, CCA is actively preparing for the 2020 Colorado Mental Health Sunset. During the sunset review, the Colorado legislature reviews all mental health state statutes. During the Mental Health Sunset, which occurs every ten years, CCA is committed to review and subsequently make recommendations, specifically on Title 12, Article 43, Part 6 of the Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS 12.43.6), supporting professional counselors in Colorado. Statute recommendations may include repealing the statute, altering or revising it, or maintaining it in its entirety.

Additionally, CCA is forming a Mental Health Sunset Committee to review CRS 12.43.6. This committee will make recommendations to the Mental Health Sunset Coalition, a collaborative effort by several mental health professional associations to represent mental health professionals during the sunset review. In partnership with CCA, the Mental Health Sunset Coalition will advocate for the mental health profession during the sunset review.

The sunset review is extremely important to the mental health profession in Colorado, as these statutes inform and govern how you practice. More than ever, your support as a CCA member directly impacts our profession in meaningful ways.  CCA is excited to engage this important legislative season on your behalf.

CCA Mental Health Sunset Committee Meeting Dates

  • December 1st, 2018
  • January 12th, 2019