Colorado State Legislative Issues

The Colorado Counseling Association is actively monitoring and engaging advocacy efforts to promote the mental health profession and those we serve. Each year, the CCA spends over $13,500 on legislative issues.

During the legislative term, members of CCA may visit this page to stay current on legislative events taking place at the State and Federal level.

Primary Legislative Initiative of the CCA

SB22-077 Interstate Licensed Professional Counselor Compact

The bill enacts the "Interstate Licensed Professional Counselors Compact", which, once effective, will allow licensed professional counselors in any state that has joined the compact (member state) to provide:

  • Licensed professional counselor services in each member state under a privilege to practice; and
  • Telehealth services in each member state under a privilege to practice.

The bill authorizes the state board of licensed professional counselor examiners (board) to promulgate rules and to facilitate Colorado's participation in the compact, including notification to the Counseling Compact Commission (commission) established by the compact of any adverse action taken by the board against a Colorado licensed professional counselor. The commission includes a delegate from each member state and has the powers and duties set forth in the bill. The compact becomes effective on the date the compact is enacted in the tenth member state.

To visit the official site for the Counseling Compact, click here.

Primary Bill Sponsors

The CCA is immensely grateful to the following Bill Sponsors and their willingness to make professional counselors a priority in the 2022 Legislative Term:

Senator Joann Ginal
Senator Rob Woodward
Representative Colin Larson
Representative Mary Young

HB22-1065 Emergency Mental Health Treatment And Evaluation Standard

CCA Status: Monitoring

The bill changes the standard for an emergency 72-hour mental health commitment for treatment and evaluation to include when a person appears to have a mental health disorder or be gravely disabled and, as a result of such mental health disorder or being gravely disabled, appears to present an imminent or substantial risk of harm to self or others. "Substantial risk" is defined.

 HB22-1068 - Medicaid Reimbursement For Therapy Using Equines

CCA Status: Monitoring

Subject to federal authorization and federal financial participation, on or after January 1, 2023, medicaid reimbursement is available for therapy using equine movement when provided by a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, or a speech-language pathologist.

 HB22-1005 - Health-care Preceptors Tax Credit

CCA Status: Monitoring

Under current law, for tax years commencing on or after January 1, 2017, but prior to January 1, 2023, the credit for health-care preceptors working in rural and frontier areas offers an income tax credit in the amount of $1,000 to health-care professionals who provide a preceptorship, an uncompensated mentoring experience for eligible health professional students that includes a specified minimum amount of personalized instruction, training, and supervision, during the applicable income tax year.