Continuing Professional Competency

Pursuant to Rule 18, all Licensed Professional Counselors in active status shall maintain and demonstrate Continuing Professional Competency (CPC) in order to renew, reinstate, or reactivate a license to practice professional counseling in the state of Colorado.

Effective immediately upon licensure, Licensed Professional Counselors must demonstrate CPC in order to renew a license by one of the following three methods:

1. The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program administered by the Board (section 12-43-605, C.R.S.)
  • Complete the Professional Survey and Self-Assessment
  • Establish learning goals and create a Learning Plan to accomplish those goals.
  • Accrue 40 Professional Development Hours (PDH) in line with your Learning Plan and retain documentation of the completed activities.
2. Deem Status (12-43-605(c), C.R.S.)
  • If you participated in the formalized professional development program of a Colorado state department and that program’s requirements meet the definition of CPC, you may qualify for Deem Status.
3. Active Duty Military Exemption (section 12-70-102, C.R.S.)
  • If you were called to federally-funded active duty for more than 120 days for the purpose of serving in a war, emergency or contingency, you may be eligible for an exemption from CPC requirements.

Details about how to meet CPC requirements by the three methods above can be found in the CPC Program Manual and other documents listed in the Resources section below.


After selecting the document link, be sure to then select the download icon to use the PDF fillable form.

Continuing Professional Competency Manual - this document explains in detail continuing professional competency requirements and the CPD program.

Professional Practice Survey and Self-Assessment - use this form at the beginning of each renewal cycle to reflect on your practice and create learning goals that you will complete throughout the renewal cycle. Save your completed form either electronically or in paper format. Practice Surveys will not be sent to the Board.

Learning Plan - use this form to record the completion of your Professional Development Hours (PDH), Professional Development Activities (PDA), and the learning goals that you created. Save a completed copy electronically or in paper-format and provide if you are selected for an audit (along with documentation as described in the PDA Chart).

PDA Chart - this document summarizes the Professional Development Activities (PDA) or categories that you can choose to complete the required PDH (remember no more than 20 PDH in a single category can be accepted). For a detailed explanation of each category and documentation requirements, it is important that you read the Program Portfolio/Manual.

Independent Learning / Group Learning Form - use this form to document any PDH completed in the Independent/Group Learning Categories. If you are selected for an audit, you will provide this form to document hours completed in these Categories.

Deem Status Form Letter - this letter should be completed by the employer of any certificate holder or licensee claiming Deem Status and stored with all CPC documentation.documentation.

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