CCA Student Member Discount for CPH & Associates

We are pleased to offer our student members access to CPH & Associates insurance through CCA membership. CPH & Associates is a leading insurance company in the mental health field, and can offer malpractice liability insurance at a reduced cost to student members. This type of insurance is required for clinical practice. You can learn more about CPH & Associates here:

CCA student members can get this insurance in one of two ways:

  1. By starting a new membership and insurance combination package for $60 here
  2. By renewing an existing membership with the insurance combination package option for $60 here

This is a great discount and will save you money both on the membership and on the insurance.

If you choose an insurance package with your new membership or membership renewal, you will receive an email which includes a link to the insurance portal. To prove you are a CCA member, CPH & Associates will require you to select CCA as your professional association, and will require you to enter your CCA ID number (which can be found in your membership confirmation email).

The insurance will be good for one year from the start of your new membership and insurance package, or from the start of the membership renewal and insurance package. If you have any questions about this membership, please reach out to