Public Policy

Advocacy Initiatives

The CCA is now equipped to make a positive impact on the mental health industry and the professional identity of its members. Our advocacy efforts are supported by our Executive Director, Dr. Ryan M. Burkhart, the current CCA President, and the members of the Governing Council.

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State Issues

Each year, the state of Colorado has a legislative session that goes from January through to the end of April. This is when our State Representatives and Senators go to work review and vote on more than 400 bills brought forth by the citizens, organizations, and lobbyist groups throughout Colorado. The Mental Health Industry and Social Justice related issues will represent more than 50 of those bills each year. It is our job to monitor and actively engage these advocacy efforts.

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Federal Issues

Each year, similar to each state, the US legislature reviews Federal Bills brought forth by various constituency groups such as the American Counseling Association. It is the role of the CCA to work closely with the ACA and each of its regions to coordinate grass-roots efforts to advocate with our state representatives to vote in favor of our profession and those we serve.

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