Message from the President


I have been fortunate enough to hold several roles within the counseling profession since completing my master’s degree almost 10 years ago. I have provided clinical services to adjudicated youth who face significant life challenges, I advocate for policy change at a state legislature level, come alongside student professional counselors as a counselor educator, and serve as a clinical supervisor for many in private practice. I have loved every minute, and am very excited to serve our profession in this role as President of the Colorado Counseling Association.

Looking ahead at the upcoming year, collaboration and a collective voice are paramount. We are quickly approaching the Mental Health Sunset legislative year, where all Colorado mental health state statutes are open to revision. Quite frankly, this is a monumental task that will include reviewing and making suggestions on all CRS in 12-43-6. The potential impact this has for our profession cannot be overstated.

The Colorado Counseling Association will have a strong voice at the table as we join a sunset coalition of stakeholders and represent the needs of professional counselors in Colorado. The greatest legislative impact on the sunset process will come from a unified and collective voice of leaders from each mental health professional association in Colorado. Communication within and among each association in the upcoming year carries significant importance.

Now, more than ever, we need your help. We need to hear your thoughts, experiences, successes, and challenges as a mental health clinician in our beautiful state. The whole of Colorado must be engaged in this process, corner to corner, top to bottom.

Your membership in the next 18 months has great value, as the Colorado Counseling Association has begun implementation on several key initiatives that will give you a voice in this process. The Mental Health Sunset presents challenges to be sure; however, I am excited to listen to my colleagues and represent their concerns through our association and the sunset coalition.

Thank you for joining the Colorado Counseling Association and for partnering with me in the upcoming year. More so, thank you for serving the mental health needs of our communities, for stepping into the stories of others, and for bringing hope to those who have lost it. Professional counselors in Colorado are doing amazing things. I am proud to call myself one.


Dr. Ryan M. Burkhart, LPC

President-Colorado Counseling Association