Message from the President


My name is Julaine Field and it is my honor to serve as President of the Colorado Counseling Association (CCA) for the 2017-2018 term. Modestly, I admit to you that I am rapidly approaching my 48th year of living on this planet. As with many adults, reflecting on a mid-life milestone causes (or demands!) contemplation about life’s purpose and meaning. In other words, what am I doing and why am I doing it?


Approximately 25 years ago, I became a professional counselor.  From school counseling, to mental health counseling, to crisis work, to private practice, I have been consistently inspired, challenged and humbled to witness the human capacity to fight toward change and demonstrate resilience. Currently, I am a professor at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and my clinical work involves volunteering at Mt Carmel Center of Excellence (Colorado Springs) with veterans who are recovering from PTSD.


Simply put, my rationale for seeking this servant leadership opportunity is to further my commitment to the purpose of the counseling profession. Throughout this team governance opportunity, I hope to support the extraordinary Colorado men and women who have dedicated their professional careers to helping others. Now more than ever, it is important for Colorado counselors to stand together and continue to advocate for our unique contributions to the counseling profession. Across counseling disciplines, we as a group possess the opportunity and ability to help create wellness, foster healthy coping skills, and help people make important changes in their lives.


It is important that we use our collective voice to help vital stakeholders understand what we do, the required level of training to do effective, ethical work, and the current challenges we face in our profession (e.g. timely reimbursement and reimbursement rates, navigating insurance board demands, working in organizations that value profit over clients, etc.). Your membership and involvement in the CCA helps to ensure that we have a unified body of professionals upholding and working toward greater counselor recognition. Additionally, the CCA closely monitors and responds to legislation that affects our clients and the services we provide.


In conclusion, the vision of the CCA is to (1) educate the public on the value of counseling, (2) advocate with state and national stakeholders to enhance access to quality mental health services, and (3) provide outreach and support to its members. Membership in CCA includes support for successful transition into the counseling profession, guidance on ethical and effective practice, and quality continuing education on issues affecting Colorado counselors.  I hope that you will join me this year and maintain your commitment to CCA and its purpose.