CCA Structure

The Colorado Counseling Association (CCA) is a professional membership association (501c3) led by a volunteer Governing Council and volunteer Executive Staff. The association is governed by its bylaws: policies and procedures.

To support a successful future, the CCA Governing Council meets a minimum of four times per year while also remaining connected through an online communications network.

The specific road-map the CCA follows is its strategic plan which is revised throughout the year so as to remain inspired and connected with progress.

The financial success of the organization depends on the association's ability to fund-raise throughout the year. The primary annual event is the state conference.

The CCA lives and breaths from its volunteers. Utilizing a glass half full approach, student, new, working, and retired professionals are invited to offer as little or as much volunteer support as they are available to offer throughout the year.

To learn more, please reach out and connect with us by emailing Kristyn Roe at


SGC Structure

The Student Governing Council of the CCA is a committee of graduate, post-graduate students, and governing council advisors who are building a formal leadership structure for students in CCA.

The SGC exists to provide student-specific advocacy to the CCA as well as to promote leadership and networking opportunities valuable to students in the mental health field. 

To learn more, please contact Committee Chair, Ryan Burkhart, at