Interweaves: Understanding the Foundation for Effective Intervention
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Event Date: 4/21/2016 - 4/21/2016

Event Overview

3.0 EMDRIA Approved CE Credits

Tamra Hughes, MA, LPC

EMDRIA Approved Trainer and Consultant

Interweaves: Understanding the Foundation for Effective Intervention Interweaves are an invaluable tool in EMDR therapy, particularly in complex cases, yet they are one of the most difficult tools in EMDR therapy for clinicians to understand and master.  This presentation will provide participants with an in depth understanding of essential keys to developing powerful and effective and interweaves that may be required to facilitate effective processing of EMDR therapy targets.  Participants will be taught tools to help determine which interweaves will best benefit the unique circumstances of their clients and how to implement interweaves effectively in order to maximize EMDR therapy treatment gains.  

Participants will understand:

  1. When it is appropriate to use interweaves.
  2. The basic neurobiological processes that play an important role in case conceptualization and identification of potential interweaves.
  3. Important decision-making factors for preparation of appropriate interweaves for each unique client.
  4. Different types of interweaves and how to use them.

Participants must be fully trained through an EMDRIA Approved EMDR Basic training program. Certificate of completion required for participation.

About the presenter:

Tamra Hughes, MA, LPC is an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and EMDRIA Approved Trainer through her organization, EMDR Center of the Rockies where she provides both EMDR Basic Training and EMDR Advanced Trainings.  She is also the founder of Greenwood Counseling Center where she is in practice specializing in work with complex trauma cases, anxiety, stress and relationships. Tamra greatly enjoys teaching and consulting regarding EMDR therapy cases and helping clinicians learn to bring creativity and integrity to their EMDR therapy practices.