CCA Announces New Member Benefits


Being a member just got even better...

Throughout 2019, the CCA leadership has sought to build upon the existing robust benefits offered to members. Two important partnerships have brought additional resources to CCA members. 

Legal Representation

The CCA has partnered with Robert A. Lees and Associates to offer reduced rates on regulatory law consulting and defense for CCA members.

For over 30 years, Robert A. Lees and Associates has devoted a large part of their practice to serving the unique needs of professional counselors and organizations. Many professional counselors have questions about private practice regulations, clinical practice, and grievance defense. Often, professional counselors are left on their own to navigate these confusing waters.

The CCA's partnership with Robert A. Lees and Associates empowers members to confidently address the risks that often accompany the counseling profession.


The 10,000+ licensed professional counselors and candidates in Colorado are spread all over our beautiful state. Often, however, it is difficult to find a clinical supervisor, especially if supervision is needed on a unique treatment issue. The CCA's new partnership with Motivo ensures every counselor in Colorado has access to a clinical supervisor, regardless of where they are located.

Motivo is an easy-to-use HIPAA-compliant platform connecting professional counselors to clinical supervisors for live video supervision. Through Motivo, CCA members can now easily seek clinical supervision or further their clinical supervision practice through tele-supervision.