Centennial Peaks Hospital partners with CCA



Centennial Peaks Hospital helps patients build the foundation for a chance at living healthy, successful lives.

Located northwest of Denver, CO, Centennial Peaks is a modern, clean and safe mental health facility where patients receive customized care that meets their specific recovery needs. Nestled in the Boulder Colorado Valley, Centennial Peaks’ surroundings provide a renewing, therapeutic backdrop that aids in recovery.


  • Centennial Peaks treats people with symptoms or conditions that standard treatment has not helped.

  • Centennial Peaks is experienced in treating dual diagnosis patients who suffer from mental illness and chemical dependency (substance abuse).

  • Centennial Peaks’ staff clinical experts work with community-based professionals to ensure a continuity of patient care.

  • The facility of Centennial Peaks is modern, safe and surrounded by an environment that has therapeutic value.

We are available 24/7 to answer your questions and provide the next steps for you or your loved one. Contact Centennial Peaks today.