Ritu Reimer

Greetings, I’m Ritu Reimer and I have been involved in the mental health field as early as adolescence. In high school, I was a peer support to classmates who were experiencing adversity but not prepared to speak with a counselor. Here I saw anything from relationship issues to abuse in the home to social anxieties. I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.  During the bachelor years, I was an assistant in the early childhood development lab and spent a semester abroad studying addiction treatment and foster care systems in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.    With my bachelor degree, I worked with individuals with severe mental illness and/or developmental disabilities as a direct care provider at a crisis CILA and a psychosocial rehabilitation instructor.  Additionally, I was a crisis line worker with survivors of domestic violence.   After a few years, I pursued my master’s degree in clinical psychology at the Chicago school of professional psychology.   The following 10 years of experience all began from my practicum in an outpatient substance-abuse treatment facility.  At Lutheran Social Services of Illinois, I gained wealth of knowledge as a graduate intern to a counselor to a Program Director to the Director of Outpatient Services in Chicagoland.   That decade equipped me with the clinical, operational, financial, supervision and insurance skills needed to run a private practice.   In 2017, we moved to Denver, Colorado, where I started my private practice in the DTC, RNR Life Solutions, PLLC.  Over the past 3 years it’s been remarkable to see all those professional experiences, no matter how minor they may have felt at the time, have guided me along the way.