Grief Work with Jesie Steffes

Event Overview

In this training, I set out to “steady” the therapist working with the grieving client. Here, we explore how to differentiate grief from other symptoms, discuss the importance of both coping and feeling in the midst of grief, and take a deeper dive into how to walk clients through that balance. This training illuminates how we as individuals experience grief, looking through the lens of attachment and ability to cope. Most notably, this training includes reflective and introspective practice to aid the grieving helper along in their work of moving through the pain of loss professionally and ethically. Offering a step by step structure for working with grief, both individually and in groups, this training will serve to bolster confidence in walking alongside the grieving client. Whether you’re working with grief and loss for the first time, or you want to delve deeper into “what makes grief tick,” you’ll find your footing in this training course.


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