Practical insights: How to Ethically and Legally Handle Everyday Responsibilities in Private Practice
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Event Date: 4/21/2016 - 4/21/2016

Event Overview

Join Robert A. Lees & Associates for a training focused on the legal and ethical considerations involved in owning a private practice business. This workshop will cover the following topics: 

Independent Contractors vs Employees

  • Which is better for your practice?
  • What are the statutory and ethical considerations?
  • What are the business considerations?


  • Professional Liability Insurance Carriers
  • Notifying Carrier of Grievances
  • Liability Limits

How to take Client Notes

  • Formats: SOAP Notes, DAP Notes, Checklists, etc.
  • What should you not include?

Insurance Company requirements 

  • Behavioral Health Insurance Panels  
  • How do you get on panels?
  • How do you get paid
  • Do you have to take insurance or can you request private pay?
  • Business Associate Agreements and HIPAA Requirements
  • Superbills
  • How do you remove yourself from panels?
  • What happens when a client's benefits are exhausted?
  • What should you include?

What Needs to be in Your Client Files

  • Board Rule 16
  • HIPAA Designated File Set
  • Progress vs. Process/Psychotherapy Notes
  • Electronic Record Keeping

Electronic Counseling

  • What is Electronic Counseling?
  • Statutory & Ethical Considerations
  • Interstate vs. Intrastate clients
  • Emergency situations vs. a Long-Term Counseling Relationship
  • International Clients (Ex-Pats, Missionaries, Military, etc)
  • Consent

Client Forms, Policies and Procedures

  • How do you know if yours are current?
  • Which forms should I have an attorney draft and/or review?
  • Which forms should you use in your practice?
  • What kinds of policies and procedures do I need?