2018 CCA Fall Event
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Event Date: 9/22/2018 - 9/22/2018

Event Overview

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The Colorado Counseling Association Presents

Beyond Best Practices and Mental Health Advocacy in Colorado

Continuing Clinical Training Education and Advocacy Efforts

Saturday, September 22, 2018, from 8-12pm

At the History Colorado Event Center, Check-in begins at 7am

1200 Broadway, Denver CO 80203


The Colorado Counseling Association is pleased to host a half-day event focused on clinical training and how best to support mental health professional advocacy efforts in support of the 2019 legislative session.

The day will include 2 featured sessions. As many as 15 sponsors/vendors will be in attendance throughout the day with resources and networking opportunities.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificates will be made available for those in attendance which are good for state licensure requirements.

Please note our Refund/Return Policy: Refunds will be honored within 60 calendar days of the registration date and include a $25 admin fee. Please allow 12-14 business days for processing. No refunds will be given outside the 60 days or after September 22, 2018. Registrations are non-transferable.



An overview of the program.

Featured Presentation #1

Social Media Ethics Avoiding Pitfalls of Online Communication

Presented by Rob Reinhardt, LPCS, M.Ed, NCC



Credentials and Qualifications:

Masters in Counselor Education (M.Ed.) Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPCS, NC S6768) Owner of a Successful Private Practice (www.serenityspringswellness.com) Expert Private Practice Consultant (www.tameyourpractice.com) Tech Tutor Column Editor for Counseling Today (magazine of the American Counseling Association) Author of Guide to Choosing an EHR: For Counselors, Therapists, and Other Wellness Professionals Co-Author of Private Practice Preparedness: The Health Care Professional's Guide to Closing a Practice Due to Retirement, Death, or Disability. Creator of Describe, a creative engagement tool for individuals, couples, families, and groups Co-Host of the TherapyTech with Rob And Roy podcast.


Description of Presentation: Social Media is an integral part of life for most of our clients, as well as the businesses and other entities that they interact with. For counselors, social media can facilitate connecting with new clients as well as collaborating with peers. However, unlike other most other businesses, the guarantee of privacy and confidentiality are integral to our work. Where other businesses can solicit reviews from happy customers, we are prohibited. While other professionals can freely “talk shop? online, we must exercise caution to protect our clients' privacy. There are still many ways that counselors, can benefit from the use of social media, however, we much ensure that we comply with federal law (HIPAA) and codes of ethics. This presentation will discuss the pitfalls of discussing clients online, reviews and testimonials, and the general use of social media. We will also identify positive, productive ways that these tools can be engaged.

Intended Audience: All mental health professionals who work directly with clients, have an Internet presence, and wish to comply with HIPAA and their Code of Ethics.


• Participants will understand the reasons our Codes of Ethics and HIPAA apply to the use of social media.

• Participants will understand the PIT principle; regarding accessibility of information on the Internet.

• Participants will understand the pitfalls of online reviews and testimonials and some ways to avoid them

• Participants will understand the dangers of discussing clients online and ways to do so without endangering client privacy.

• Participants will understand the importance of a social media policy (required by the ACA Code of Ethics)


The Presenter: Rob Reinhardt, LPCS, M.Ed., NCC has his own successful counseling practice and is CEO of Tame Your Practice. Known for his expertise in reviewing and recommending EHR/Practice Management Systems, Rob has a comprehensive mix of technology, clinical, and business experience. Rob is also the creator of Describe, the popular deck of cards and activities that can be used with individuals, families and groups of all ages. He's also co-host of the popular podcast, TherapyTech with Rob and Roy, column editor for Counseling Today, the professional magazine published by the American Counseling Association, and author of the book Guide to Choosing an EHR: For Counselors, Therapists, and Other Wellness Professionals. Rob is also a fan of board gaming, ultimate frisbee, travel, and quality time with his family. Consulting Web Site: www.tameyourpractice.com Describe Web Site: www.describecards.com Private Practice Preparedness Web Site: www.privatepracticepreparedness.com Podcast Web Site: www.therapytechrobroy.com Professional Web Site: www.robreinhardtlpc.com Private Practice Web Site: www.serenityspringswellness.com



Featured Presentation #2

Supertight Brand for Therapists:  Discover the Holy Trinity of Superpowered Specialization.

Presented by Ellen Melko Moore




In this 90 minute workshop, brand specialization expert Ellen Melko Moore takes therapists through the essentials of a highly niched, tightly focused brand for mental health professionals.  We explore the distinction of brand vs. marketing, expose the central flaw in today’s social media marketing culture that gets so many of us confused about our “message,” and cover the three core components of a powerful brand in the marketplace - what we like to call “The Holy Trinity” of  2018. 


Following this 30 minute introduction to the basics of high impact brand, we use the remainder of a our time to get to work on participants’ real world offers of help.  In the remaining 60 minutes, we invite attending therapists to join us in the hot seat and verbally take their practice through the three areas of the Holy Trinity, looking for potential breakthroughs in specialization as we consider A) what and whom is important to this therapist, and B) what’s missing in the market.  By watching their colleague go through this process, those in the audience learn as they consider their own career specialization prospects through the Holy Trinity model. 


Early career therapists are constantly encouraged to niche - it’s the best access to an expanded platform and increased revenue.  But the “how” of niche-ing is not such readily available guidance.  This workshop is designed to take therapists through the “how” and demonstrate an effective, practical pathway to getting started on a specialized offer to take for a test drive.  As is true for so many truly mission-minded professionals, specialization can be incredibly intimidating for therapists who come to serve a wider swath of humanity.  They worry they will choose the wrong person, the wrong problem, or a limited modality.  They fear being limited, bored, or marginalized by the prospect of spending their career treating just one kind of patient for one kind of challenge. 


This workshop is designed to demonstrate that: 

A) the specialization they fear is also the fastest road to a thriving practice, a meaningful career, and increasing influence as a thought leader, and

B) it doesn’t have to be limiting, or even resemble what they may think of as a traditional “niche.” 


Find out more about Ellen and other workshops at her new website, SuperTight Couch.



Ellen Melko Moore is a teacher, writer, and brand specialization expert who has worked with hundreds of intentional entrepreneurs around the world to help them create, articulate, and own a powerful, one-of-a-kind unique offer in the marketplace.  While she has worked with many healers, coaches, and teachers, she has a special love for the therapy community, whose members have made up 60% of her client roster.  She’s pretty clear there is nothing more important in the world than to give people access to freedom from habitual thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that keep us stuck in smaller, darker lives.  Having worked with many therapists in 1:1 consulting to create compelling offers that jumpstart big careers, Ellen is delighted to be offering a digital version of Supertight Couch: The Brand Promise Course this fall, a live online class that will take ten participants through her 8-Step Process of Brand Specialization for Private Practice Therapists. 




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