An Introduction to Intimate Partner Violence NEW


This presentation will provide the participant an introductory understanding of Intimate Partner

Violence (IPV), also known as domestic violence (DV), and create more successful treatment
outcomes. The participant will gain an increase in knowledge of facts and the prevalence of IPV.
They will recognize the dynamics and strategies used by a perpetrator, as well as the societal
factors that impact IPV. There will be recommendations on treatment with survivors/victims, such
as considering the impact of trauma, assessing for IPV through a client’s lifespan, differentiating
treatment phases using Dr. Judith Herman’s Triphase Model of Trauma Recovery, which will also
include best-practice interventions within each of those treatment phases. Finally, the participant
will have an increase in understanding of what victim advocacy is and of the resources available to
victims of IPV, so they can be better equipped to understand and educate the client, and make
appropriate referrals to best support the healing and recovery of the client.

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