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 CPH Professional Liability Insurance   
CPH offers membership discounts to ACA and CCA Members.  In addition, CPH provides two hours of free legal advise each year. The lawyer contracted by CPH is located in Colorado and is therefore familiar with laws specific to the state. In addition, you can get a 5% discount by signing up online and you get proof of coverage once the process is complete. (To sign up online use the link above.)
 How CPH Compares with HPSO:
CPH Rates
for members
Employed up to 20 hours a week  $100 $100 $0
Self-employed up to 10 hrs/week $100 $158 $58
Self-employed 11-20 hrs/week  $111 $158 $47
Employed 25 + hrs/week $100 $120 $20
Self-employed 25 + hrs/week $221 $317 $96
How membership saves you money:
CCA Member Non-member Members
Employed up to 10 hrs/week $100 $115 $15
Self-employed up to 10 hrs/week $100 $115 $15
Employed 11-20 hrs/week $100 $115 $15
Self-employed 11-20 hrs/week $111 $180 $69
Employed 25 + hrs/week $100 $115 $15
Self-employed 25 + hrs/week $221 $320 $98

Important Information for Students
CCA Annual Student Membership $30.00
CPH Annual Student Rate* $25.00
Total CCA Membership & CPH Rate $55.00
ACA Annual Student Membership $89.00
HPSO Annual Student Rate "Free"
Total ACA Membership & HPSO Rate $89.00

* Discount Rate for CCA student members - Includes Master and Doctorate level non-licensed students


Colorado Counseling Association  
7450 W 52nd Ave., Ste M244
Arvada, Colorado 80002

The Colorado Counseling Association (CCA) is a state branch of the 50,000 member American Counseling Association (ACA). CCA is an organization of counseling professionals who work in education, health care, residential, private practice, community agencies, government and business/industry settings. Serving as a dynamic network of professional counselors in the State of Colorado, CCA is devoted to professional development and maintenance of high standards for those involved in the counseling profession.


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