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Dear Colorado Counselors,

The Colorado Counseling Association is launching a comprehensive Social Media Marketing initiative (complete with NEW LOGO) to jumpstart visibility for Colorado Counselors in the online space.  The backbone of our effort is a revamped website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter account.  The website is intended to provide our members with a source of content that speaks to our mission of giving counselor's a voice and potential mental health resources for prospective clients.  This social media initiative is being launched in conjunction with a renewed effort to increase the level of membership involvement that is, without question, the lifeblood of our existence.  By conjoining these initiatives, we will be better able to amplify who we are; supplement and enhance our policy efforts at both the state and federal levels.

YOU CAN VIEW THE SITE HERE: http://www.coloradocounselingassocation.org
The website will be accompanied by a constant presence on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  Our new Chair of Social Media – Sean Boyd (ccasociamediachair@gmail.com) now follows all of the existing state branches of the American Counseling Association on Facebook pages.  We are now able to amplify any piece of information online with greater speed, in order to exponentially get this information to more people.  At the same time, we are building previously unattainable relationships within the online world so that highly-trafficked sites can republish the stories and policy positions we present.

We need everyone in the field of counseling to get behind this to make our presence felt in a new way.

During this Social Media launch, we are asking that you become engaged.  Below is a short list of ways in which you can do this...

1. Forward this official launch announcement to your email list of Counselors/Counselors in Training:

2. Compose your own email announcement:

Links to CCA's new Social Media pages are below.  You can create your own mass email encouraging your members to sign up, “like” and follow our pages.

WEBSITE: http://www.coloradocounselingassociation.org 



FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/cocounselingassociation

TWITTER: http://twitter.com/#!/CCASocialMedia

3. Forward us links that you think are important:

It is now easier, and more important than ever, to share articles, links and first-hand accounts at lightning speed and to get these things posted online to be viewed and discussed by the masses.  We encourage all counselors, state and local councils, as well as affiliated organizations, to continuously forward links of local success stories, upcoming events, as well as other important information to us for inclusion on the social media outlets.  It’s as easy as copying the link and hitting send.  Again, simply email this information to Sean Boyd, at CCASocialMediaChair@gmail.com -----------




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The Colorado Counseling Association (CCA) is a state branch of the 50,000 member American Counseling Association (ACA). CCA is an organization of counseling professionals who work in education, health care, residential, private practice, community agencies, government and business/industry settings. Serving as a dynamic network of professional counselors in the State of Colorado, CCA is devoted to professional development and maintenance of high standards for those involved in the counseling profession.


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